5 Motorcycle Backpacks Every Biker Would Die For

best motorcycle backpacks

Motorcyclists spontaneously embrace risks and have a zest for life, vivacity and sheer excitement. They feel invigorated riding along on the bike on the open road, hearing nothing but the rumbling bike, feeling the crisp wind blow past them. It’s quite a profound experience. Motorcyclists are still perceived to be rebellious, robust and risky, but unlike in the past, they are now much more socially acceptable. That’s why sites like MotorcycleArea.com emerge, reflecting the popularity and the social fascination with the motorcycles.

There are numerous reasons why a motorcycle rider needs a backpack. Aside from fashion and it being cool, motorcycle backpacks can be multi-functional and be used to store supplies needed for the road. The ingenious factor about these backpacks unlike a typical bag is its strap for the helmet. The backpacks are generally lightweight, made from superior quality leather and available in nylon as well.

The five motorcycle backpacks every biker would die for are the Kriega R20, Icon Squad 3, Dainese Backpack-R, Alpinestars Slipstream, and the OGIO No Drag Mach 5.

The Kriega R20 is a versatile backpack which allows space for a water bottle and a pocket for an optional CE-approved back protector. The backpack is made from durable 420 D nylon RipStop built in with 3M reflective areas on the front and back. The backpack gives a more relaxed and an unrestrained fitting given that the harness keeps the straps away from the underarms.

The Icon Squad 3 is compact and strikingly fashioned. The backpack is available in 3 colors: black, orange and yellow. Just like Kriega, this is made from nylon RipStop. The mesh on the backpack allows an increased and unparalleled airflow on their back, and is designed to hold a 17 inch laptop.

The Daiese Backpack- R is designed to be a low-profile, aerodynamic alternative for sport bike riders. Nevertheless, the appeal would not be outlandish on a rider other than a sports bike rider. The backpack consists of an internal waterproof coating, reflective inserts, and a protected laptop pocket. The expandable design of the backpack allows to hold a full-face helmet.

The Alpinestars Slipstream is the far most superior waterproof of the backpack listed here. The backpack is made from 840D polyester with a weatherproof coating. The backpack design is streamlined and appealing due to its sonic-welded seams, impermeable or water-proof zippers with rubber pulls. The backpack comes in 2 colors: dazzling yellow and a dusky gray color.

And lastly, the Ogio No Drag Mach 5 backpack is roughly waterproof and can withstand wind shear. The backpack has features including an adjustable load divider and multiple interior storage compartments, protected sleeve for a 15 inch laptop and an iPad or tablet. It is also meant for your smartphone and other personal electronics.


The overall benefit for investing in a motorcycle backpack is to make the road trip more relaxing and uninhibited. It is impossible for a motorcycle to have a trunk (just as a car), attaching a sidecar is also impossible and grasping on to your possessions while motorcycling is not only unmanageable but foolish and dangerous. The backpack provides great versatility and provides a breathtaking performance that motorcycle riders appreciate.


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