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Working From Home? How to Spend Less Time on Your Duties and Focus More on Work


We all have the same number of hours every day but what matters a lot is the way we manage this time. If you work from home it can sometimes be difficult managing your time well especially if there are other duties to attend to apart from normal work.

If you are a person who works from home, it is important to manage your time well make sure that other domestic duties are also attended to. You should know how to work smart and not hard.

Management of time is a real big issue for anyone who prefers working at home. Many moms who decide to work from home in most cases encounter challenges attending to family, doing household chores and accomplishing tasks on their working desk.

People who work from home and have children go through a lot because they cannot balance doing work, attending to their children and doing household chores.

A schedule can sometimes be helpful but sometimes things fail to go as planned especially if there are little ones that you must attend to. If you are a parent who works from home you’ve got to learn make use of the following tips in order to have a successful day.

Use a schedule

A schedule is essential in assisting you to have a plan or clear outline of time for work, meal time, attending to children and doing household chores. You can use a dedicated scheduling app such as TimeTune to make this task easier.

Outsource Household Duties

If you find yourself not able to complete your work and also do household chores, the best thing to do is to find someone to help you. You can outsource household chores like laundry and general cleaning to agencies that are established to do it.

Using a timer

Do the right thing at the right time. If you have work to do just make sure that nothing distracts you. Turn of Twitter, Facebook and Chatting Apps for undivided attention. Focus on urgent tasks and make sure that you have timed yourself.

Eliminate time wasters in your daily life

There are things that can distract a person while working from home. There are also household appliances that can help such individuals to manage time well such as simple alarm clocks, organisers etc. Another very handy technique to make you keep more focused on work and avoid distractions is Pomodoro Technique.

As a person who works from home, management of time does not need use of Rocket Science in order to complete tasks and have a successful day. Use the above mentioned tips if you are working from home and you will sort everything out before you know it.

Gaming Desks & Chairs – Do You Really Need One?

desks and chairs for gaming

Gaming desks and chairs – do you really need one? This is a question that many gamers should really consider. The fact is that when most people play video games they sit or lie down in an unnatural position. These awkward positions have a tendency to put strain on certain parts of a person’s body over time. Gamers are susceptible to physical problems with their bodies because they rarely get up and move around. A good gaming desk and chair could help with this issue.

First, let’s consider how a good gaming desk could improve a person’s experience while they play their console. A good gaming desk will be strong enough to support computer equipment while a person plays their games. It will allow a gamer to stand and have easy to use trays for holding joysticks and other gaming devices.

Gamers might want to stand for a few minutes every few hours because it will help them to keep their circulation flowing. So, a desk should be able to be used for this purpose. Standing and playing video games helps people to get some type of exercise who otherwise would not receive any physical benefit at all.

The desk should have a slim design and be easy to move around form one location to the next. A person should also be able to move their chair at different angles near the desk and still be able to see and interact with their system without problems. The desk should also be easy to clean and adjustable if that is possible.

Retractable gaming chairs might be another option for players. Sometimes gamers like to lie down while playing their titles. There are reclining gaming chairs that provide this benefit for people. They can comfortably lie back while they battle against online enemies.

A good gaming chair should have lumbar (lower back) support and a head rest. It should also encourage mobility. A swivel based gaming chair or one that rocks is preferable to a stationary model. Remember that long time video game players have a lot of health problems because they do not get up and move around. Mobile chairs can help to correct this problem to a certain degree.

Good quality PC gaming desks such as the ones mentioned here should be made out of metal and wood and they should be easy to set up. Chairs should be constructed from soft durable cloth materials but strong enough to resist rips and fraying. Both pieces of furniture should also be compatible with another.

Players might want to consider adding a customized mouse pad and keyboard port. These two features can help players to prevent problems with arthritis and carpel tunnel. Since many players constantly use their hands to operate games having an ergonomic mouse and keyboard design on their desks is a good idea.

Lighting can also be added to a desk to help prevent migraines. Many video gamers get migraines after they continuously play games for many hours on end. A gamer can have their chairs set up with a wide variety of options such as a tablet or laptop holder and it can also be configured to hold drinks. Other features such as a heated back pad or a vibrating messaging unit is recommended as well. Gamers who wonder if they should get a gaming chair and desk should know that their health would be in a better position if they did.

Top 5 Portable Generators in America

buy portable generators

There are many benefits of getting a portable generator. Generators provide support in various circumstances that range from natural disaster, medical emergency or even during camping trips. Generators are extremely convenient and can salvage lives. It is disappointing when the power goes out and the electrician cannot be helpful during the difficult time. In most cases, the power can take hours, days or even weeks depending on the circumstances. According to, having a generator can promote a sense of tranquility during turmoil for families since they can power a fridge, microwave, TV, computer or laptop and other electronic devices. Businesses can also benefit tremendously from portable generators to keep their operations going.


Top 5 Portable Generators are the Briggs & Stratton 30470, Westinghouse WH7500E, Yamaha EF2000iS, Champion Power Equipment 46539 and lastly the DuroStar DS4000S.


The Briggs & Stratton 30470 has excellent build and is known for its reliability. On the contrast, it is rather expensive ($1,059), but its longevity counteracts the cost. It has a power surge alternator to operate multiple large appliances simultaneously. This is the best portable generator on the market and by no account can this generator compete with other generators in regards to power output, build quality and feature set.


Just as the Briggs & Stratton, the Westinghouse WH7500E has automatic voltage regulation that smooths over fluctuations in power supply, therefore, things do not impede, suspend or cease as soon as another device is added. It is a robust machine that consists of abundant of sockets and is not loud. It has a full enclosure which protects electrical connections from debris and weather. The only downfall for this generator is its incompatibility for CARB.


The Yamaha EF200iS is best acknowledged for its delightful appearance given that it resembles a radio as oppose to an appearance of an actual generator. It is quiet since it has a quiet muffler. The generator has a smart throttle or a regulator which to enable engine speed based on load, when in turn can improve fuel economy. However the primary disadvantage is it significant lower output than bigger generators.


The Champion Power Equipment 46539 is recognized for its best bang for your buck. It is the most effective and efficient generator in comparison to all of the shortlisted generators. It includes a battery powered remote starter and is provided with a generous two year warranty. The generator can operate for 12 hours on full tank of gas at 50% load and the engine oil is included. As oppose to the Westinghouse generator, the Champion Power is CARB compliant. On the other hand, it is to some extent earsplitting than the typical generator.


And lastly, the DuroStar DS4000S is designed with an EZ-Pull recoil system which is incredible easy to use in order to start the machine. The generator has a 4 gallon tank which amounts to an 8 hour operating time. It is EPA approved and the generator is similar to the Yahama generator since it automatically shuts down the when oil reaches a low point. This generator is rather inexpensive since it does not provide the wheels.

Other models not mentioned above include the Generac portable generators, renown for their high quality design. Generac is also one of the most established companies on US market, supplying American households for long decades.

5 Motorcycle Backpacks Every Biker Would Die For

best motorcycle backpacks

Motorcyclists spontaneously embrace risks and have a zest for life, vivacity and sheer excitement. They feel invigorated riding along on the bike on the open road, hearing nothing but the rumbling bike, feeling the crisp wind blow past them. It’s quite a profound experience. Motorcyclists are still perceived to be rebellious, robust and risky, but unlike in the past, they are now much more socially acceptable. That’s why sites like emerge, reflecting the popularity and the social fascination with the motorcycles.

There are numerous reasons why a motorcycle rider needs a backpack. Aside from fashion and it being cool, motorcycle backpacks can be multi-functional and be used to store supplies needed for the road. The ingenious factor about these backpacks unlike a typical bag is its strap for the helmet. The backpacks are generally lightweight, made from superior quality leather and available in nylon as well.

The five motorcycle backpacks every biker would die for are the Kriega R20, Icon Squad 3, Dainese Backpack-R, Alpinestars Slipstream, and the OGIO No Drag Mach 5.

The Kriega R20 is a versatile backpack which allows space for a water bottle and a pocket for an optional CE-approved back protector. The backpack is made from durable 420 D nylon RipStop built in with 3M reflective areas on the front and back. The backpack gives a more relaxed and an unrestrained fitting given that the harness keeps the straps away from the underarms.

The Icon Squad 3 is compact and strikingly fashioned. The backpack is available in 3 colors: black, orange and yellow. Just like Kriega, this is made from nylon RipStop. The mesh on the backpack allows an increased and unparalleled airflow on their back, and is designed to hold a 17 inch laptop.

The Daiese Backpack- R is designed to be a low-profile, aerodynamic alternative for sport bike riders. Nevertheless, the appeal would not be outlandish on a rider other than a sports bike rider. The backpack consists of an internal waterproof coating, reflective inserts, and a protected laptop pocket. The expandable design of the backpack allows to hold a full-face helmet.

The Alpinestars Slipstream is the far most superior waterproof of the backpack listed here. The backpack is made from 840D polyester with a weatherproof coating. The backpack design is streamlined and appealing due to its sonic-welded seams, impermeable or water-proof zippers with rubber pulls. The backpack comes in 2 colors: dazzling yellow and a dusky gray color.

And lastly, the Ogio No Drag Mach 5 backpack is roughly waterproof and can withstand wind shear. The backpack has features including an adjustable load divider and multiple interior storage compartments, protected sleeve for a 15 inch laptop and an iPad or tablet. It is also meant for your smartphone and other personal electronics.


The overall benefit for investing in a motorcycle backpack is to make the road trip more relaxing and uninhibited. It is impossible for a motorcycle to have a trunk (just as a car), attaching a sidecar is also impossible and grasping on to your possessions while motorcycling is not only unmanageable but foolish and dangerous. The backpack provides great versatility and provides a breathtaking performance that motorcycle riders appreciate.