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Directory submission – is it still effective for SEO 2016?

directory submission

Directory submission is one of the SEO trends which most bloggers are getting to comply with in order to enhance the efficiency of their blogs. By definition, directory submission refers to that process of enlisting one’s site to various specified directories and the available databases under the right category or subcategory. A blogger or site owner is bound to realize the benefits of directory submission if they make site submissions to the most relevant and appropriate categories.

Blog directory submissions in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensure that one’s blog attains visibility to the audience beyond the blogger’s closest blogging associates. Along with the visibility, a blogger is entitled to other benefits such as acquiring quality and safe backlinks which if well utilized are bound to make the blog rankings be on a constant rise. Another consequent benefit that a blogger reaps from directory submission is obtaining a chance to have review requests and paid post opportunities. Businesses owners will come looking for a blogger with massive audience in order to spread word to as many clients as possible. Quite close to this is a blogger getting their own public audience, to which very numerous benefits are attached.

It is of utmost importance to have prior knowledge if directory submission works in SEO 2016, in order to make sure steps when need arises. Apparently, there are usually high pr directory submission lists available every new year. 2016 is no exception to the other years, and this answers the question of the possibility to do directory submission. The better side of the deal is that one can access all the free directory submission sites for 2016. This is an obvious translation to the creation of an opportunity to have increased income at no increased costs.

Another great side of the deal is that the directory submission process can be done in five easy steps that any blogger can manage. The first step is in the selection of the directory to which a blogger want to have the submission done to. Secondly, the blogger should check for the SEO friendliness of that directory. The third easy-do step is going through the provided submission guidelines to have a clear understanding of how to do the submission. A blogger then goes ahead to provide the details of their site in the fourth step. Finally, one makes a confirmation of the submission through their email and that’s just it. A great example of SEO friendly directory is DMoz.

The only task ahead for a blogger is to get a directory submission list for the year 2016. Upon getting the most appropriate directory, a blogger will submit their site’s link to all the available and relevant categories. Some bloggers would make the mistake of making irrelevant submissions, which in the end will mean that the expected results would not be realized. With most of the directories that a blogger has to pay for to make a submission of their site links, they are bound to get instant enlisting for SERPs and such directories will often get the blogger higher rankings. In the event that a blogger chooses to do the directory submission to the free directory lists available online, the blogger may have to wait for some time in order to have the approval of the web administrator.

Top SEO practices for Bing in 2016

bing seo

Bing experiences stiff competition related search engines, all of which put their best foot forward towards guaranteeing their users the best and most satisfactory results. A very common trend among search engine utilization and definition has been Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO refers to the process of influencing the visibility of a website or web page in any search engines unpaid results. The general notion behind it is that, the earlier and more frequently a search appears on the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. Search Engine Optimization goes all the way to targeting different kinds of search, including academic search, news-search, video search, local search, image search and industry-specific vertical search engines.

In order to keep abreast in the stiff competition, Bing has resolved to adopt some SEO practices in 2016, to see to it that the users of Bing get the best from all their searches using the Bing search engine. One of the SEO practices for Bing includes the provision of interactive, precise and concise search results. The focus of the Bing Search Engine will be to see to it that all the searches by the users will display the closest proximity to their expected searches. Bing focuses on making this provision, by ensuring that visitors get the most accurate results from any of the searches that they try to make using it( Bing).

Secondly, Bing will in 2016 focus on provision of unique content to its users. There’s a sure guarantee that sites will not be facing duplicate content form their index as one of the improvements related to the Search Engine Optimization practices. Bing webmasters ensure that the pages that display similarity are reworked, merged or wholly removed to ensure that only unique and specific content is displayed. The utilization of scheme markups will aid in the identification of pages and will also ensure that only relevant pages will show up on SERPs.

Thirdly, there’s the improved, enhanced efficient Bing Keyword search tool that will be of great importance to Bing Users. The Keyword Research Tool is more specific to users wishing to have the content on their pages displayed in the search results. With the Keyword Research Tool, the users can see query volumes and can generate keyword suggestions for their content.

Fourthly, Bing has the issue of links from any websites addressed as an SEO practice. On the overall, links play quite a major role in the creation of trust for any site and ensuring its credibility too. Bing sees to it that if the information, which a visitor requires from a search that has directed them to the use of a certain link from a website, is irrelevant, it is be viewed as information of no value to the user. The logic behind this SEO practice is ranking the value of the links various websites to provide only the most valuable results for the search.

Bing also places its focus on the optimization of webpages for on-page and off-page factors, by ensuring that only relevant content is displayed. This actually translates to having increased traffic to the pages that users may be visiting which is actually a plus for the page owners and the page visitors.