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Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone - Xiaomi, As we announced to you a few days ago, Xiaomi should unveil in the coming months a Mi 11 Lite, a Mi 11 Pro and a Mi 11 Pro +. The differences between the two “Pro” models were previously unknown… but a leak may have just given us the answer. Filipino YouTuber Tech Buff, it's unclear how, posted a full take on what he calls Mi 11 Ultra on his YouTube channel. He reveals an impressive smartphone with a small screen in its camera module. This particularity could be reserved for the one who would actually be called Mi 11 Pro +, unless it is a fifth model. 


Can a screen of this size be useful? 
The Mi 11 Pro + camera module could be the largest in smartphone history. It would occupy the entire top of the device which, casually, could have a nice advantage. Placed on a table, the smartphone should not capsize if you press on one of the edges. On the other hand, in hand, we expect a record heaviness. Its thickness should also be unflattering. 

The Mi 11 Pro + is said to have three cameras. According to the YouTuber, it would be a main sensor of 108 Mpix, an ultra wide-angle (48 Mpix) and a periscopic zoom (48 Mpix). An indication "Zoom x120" on the back of the smartphone suggests that it will be, at worst, an optical zoom x10. 


Be Right Camera

To the right of its camera module, the Mi 11 Pro + should have a tiny vertical screen. On the stolen images, this screen replicates what is happening on the main screen (we see the home screen). We imagine and hope that Xiaomi has planned other things like the possibility of previewing the view of the camera so that your muse has visual indications to adapt his smile. This screen could also be used to display notifications, Galaxy Z Flip style . But doesn't its size risk making it a gadget? 

According to our information, the announcement of the rest of the Mi 11 range is not expected for several weeks, or even months. The Mi 11 Pro + could arrive long after the others, even if this very early grip may suggest that Xiaomi will unveil it faster than expected. In any case, during its officialization, this device should be talked about. 




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