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  4. EOS RP Review - EOS RP, After a disappointing EOS R , Canon has released a second, even more stunning, full-frame sensor hybrid camera: the EOS RP. Sold for 1500 euros, this camera is astonishing in that it does not really stick to the optical line up that Canon produces in R mount. Between the 85 mm f / 1.2 in the optical dream formula, a professional zoom 70-200 mm f /2.8 of unprecedented compactness and an astounding 50mm f / 1.2, Canon prefers to launch an entry-level family camera not really "at the level" of these competition lenses. Fortunately, Canon has still produced an optic th
  5. Star products of Xiaomi, the Redmi Note stand out from other smartphones by their high performance for an ultra competitive price. Is this 8T as successful as its predecessors? Answer in our test and in video!
  6. Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T Review - In the category of entry-level smartphones, Xiaomi reigns without much concern. Indispensable, its Redmi Note range has established itself and competition from devices like those from Honor or Wiko does not really have anything to worry about. Design, performance, photo. Marketed between $ 217 (3 GB / 32 GB) and $ 277 (4 GB / 128 GB), the Redmi Note 8T is the new entry in the flagship range of Xiaomi. We tested its 4 GB / 64 GB version, marketed at $ 241. Redmi Note, always stronger Those who already know the design of the Redmi Note 7will no
  7. Xiaomi is preparing a smartphone - Xiaomi, As we announced to you a few days ago, Xiaomi should unveil in the coming months a Mi 11 Lite, a Mi 11 Pro and a Mi 11 Pro +. The differences between the two “Pro” models were previously unknown… but a leak may have just given us the answer. Filipino YouTuber Tech Buff, it's unclear how, posted a full take on what he calls Mi 11 Ultra on his YouTube channel. He reveals an impressive smartphone with a small screen in its camera module. This particularity could be reserved for the one who would actually be called Mi 11 Pro +, unless it is a fifth model.
  8. Using the Huawei Mate 40 Pro is strange. This smartphone is both the best we tested in 2020… and the worst. Truth be told, no other smartphone has divided us so much in recent years. Huawei, at the top of its game, certainly offers the best device in its history but still struggles to do without Google. This is obviously not its fault, the Chinese manufacturer is itself a victim of the economic war between China and the United States and, above all, of the omnipresence of Google within Android. Does a design monster with masterful performance and formidable autonomy have the slightest
  9. Huawei Mate 40 Pro review - Huawei Mate 40 Pro In recent years, Huawei has been shaking up the world of mobile telephony. Long anticipated as the future world number 1, the Chinese manufacturer has multiplied innovations with its P20 , Mate 20 and P30 to the point, each time, to let us think that it had surpassed its rival Samsung. Unfortunately, that was without counting on Donald Trump's radical decision to blacklist the Chinese company, prohibiting it from working with Google and many other companies essential to the design of a smartphone. Since then, Huawei has kept face by releasi
  10. Ultra-fast charging 65W, fingerprint sensor under the screen and OLED screen… The characteristics of the Realme 7 Pro do not really correspond to its price. At $ 397, this smartphone necessarily calls out.
  11. At $ 397, the Realme 7 Pro is an impressive smartphone. This device allows people who do not want to invest 1000 euros in a smartphone to benefit from technologies generally reserved for high-end, such as ultra-fast charging. Its value for money is clearly one of the best on the market. However, the Realme 7 Pro failed to replace the Pixel 4a in our hearts. While it surpasses it in many areas, we find Google's mobile more balanced thanks to its better design and its competitive camera. If despite this, your heart beats for the Realme 7 Pro, then go for it. We recommend it without any problem.
  12. Realme 7 Pro test - Realme 7 Pro Only a few months after a Realme 6 range relatively acclaimed by critics, the Chinese manufacturer Realme is already back with a family of products stamped Realme 7. In addition to a very classic entry-level mobile, the brand markets the Realme 7 Pro, a mid-range 4G smartphone at $ 397. Its specs are pretty impressive, but is it enough to make it one of the best devices on the market? Ultra-fast charging at a low price Since 2018, several Chinese manufacturers have tried “ultra-fast charging”. Their goal is to break speed records and allow you to
  13. After a week of using the Xperia 5 II, we got bored of it. This phenomenon, very rare in the smartphone market, illustrates the problem to which Sony's mobile is a victim. We have the impression that this device is above all designed to respond to an image issue, allowing Sony to maintain its presence in this market with the help of impressive characteristics on paper, but disappointing in use. Thanks to its compact size, serious battery life and versatile camera module, the Xperia 5 II is nevertheless a good smartphone. Unfortunately at 899 euros we would have liked it to be excellent. We
  14. the Xperia 5 II is a high-end smartphone that is easy to handle thanks to its compact size. Faced with increasingly aggressive competition, is Sony succeeding in distinguishing itself?
  15. Sony Xperia 5 II review - Do not be fooled by its name, the Xperia 5 II (pronounced "Five Mark Two") is the little brother of the Xperia 1 II , the Sony flagship launched in early 2020. Marketed at $ 1093, this device also belongs to the category of high-end smartphones. It differs in particular by its more compact format and its screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Its triple camera module, very versatile, is also highlighted by the Japanese manufacturer. For two weeks, we made the Xperia 5 II our main smartphone. We tried to understand why Sony represents less than 1% of the mobile mar
  16. Logitech G203 Lightsync Driver - Loigitech is used to offering us very good quality products. We had seen it with the Logitech G915 as well as with the G Pro X, two high-end products. Today, it is an entry-level product that we have in our hands. The manufacturer's brand new mouse, the Logitech G203 Lightsync , was released a few days ago. This is the opportunity to offer you the test of this entry-level mouse which offers great performance for a very interesting price. The G203 Lightsync replaces the G203 Prodigy. It offers some interesting new features such as a better sensor or the pos
  17. Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse - Was quite skeptical as a lot of people were complaining about the G502's dial. It is possible to replace it with the wheel from the G800 or something like that, apparently better but that breaks the warranty etc. So I was wary. I no longer wanted to give my money to Razer & co who make expensive products whose lifespan is sometimes ridiculous. I bought it in March and play a lot (FPS, HackNslash, etc) and no complaints! the button to disengage the wheel is very anecdotal, I use it to go down a license agreement but that's about it. The Logitech software su
  18. With its Galaxy S21 Ultra, Samsung is fixing just about all the shortcomings of the Galaxy S20 Ultra from last year. More enduring, more versatile, even more gifted in photography and above all much prettier, the first smartphone of 2021 sets the bar very high.
  19. Let's not mince words, the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is the best smartphone on the market. With its photo versatility, its new kind of screen, its good performance and its finally satisfactory autonomy, the new device from the Korean manufacturer ticks almost all the boxes. It's hard to find a true rival to the Galaxy S21 Ultra today even if logic dictates that Samsung's competitors respond quickly. At 1,259 euros, the Galaxy S21 Ultra remains despite everything a smartphone reserved for a certain class of the population. Hopefully its price drops quickly so that as many people as possible can
  20. Threatened by an increasingly innovative Huawei and by a fast-growing Apple, Samsung presented its very first “Ultra” smartphones last year. This new, more elite lineup, which brought two devices to life (the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ), is supposed to show the world the maximum of what Samsung can do. The technical sheet of the S20 Ultra had enough to coax any fan of new technology (5000 mAh battery, 108 Mpix sensor, x5 periscope zoom, 6.9 inch giant screen…) but unfortunately the reality was a little more disappointing. We had a lot of criticism about the Galaxy S20 Ultra lik
  21. Much cheaper than its big brother the S1R, the Lumix S1 from Panasonic offers top-notch technical specifications and performance. And above all, it is the only mirrorless camera to match pro SLRs in terms of robustness.
  22. The Lumix S1 is a real success, the kind of device that takes the competition forward. When it took Sony three generations of full-frame cameras to go back to smaller cameras, Panasonic immediately set foot in the process by offering a model designed to withstand all the violence of field photography. All this while making (almost) no technological compromises and integrating the best components available. If it is necessary to accept its "tank" side, its Swiss knife character capable of going from photo to broadcast videoin a jiffy makes it an ideal case especially for reporters. However, it
  23. Review of the Panasonic Lumix S1 - Panasonic had the great idea to design its Lumix S1 in the same body as its flagship the S1R. When we say the same case, it's not an exaggeration: apart from the mention "R" on the outside, nothing changes. Nothing except the S1R's 47 Mpix CMOS sensor which gives way to a 24 Mpix model. A sensor with a more classic definition and which is less demanding. Without a low-pass filter, it produces images that are certainly less sharp, but almost devoid of moiré effects. And not only does the loss of image definition save image processing time, but in addition the
  24. Designed for use with stabilized Micro 4/3 sensor cameras from Olympus and Panasonic, the M. Zuiko Digital ED 12-200mm f / 3.5-6.3 zoom offers an optical range from 24mm to 400mm telephoto. Enough to produce good quality shots ... as long as there is light!
  25. In the all-rounder category, the M. Zuiko Digital ED 12-200mm f / 3.5-6.3 is the one that offers the largest optical range in the Micro 4/3 world. If it is not very bright, its optical quality is very correct given the large gap it makes between the wide-angle and the telephoto. Perfectly suited to amateurs of optics to do everything on compact cameras, it has the weakness of not being as good optically as the 12-100 mm f / 4 nor as light and affordable as the 14-140 mm, two optics they also signed Olympus. But its “in between” character makes it an excellent compromise.
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