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  1. Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse - Was quite skeptical as a lot of people were complaining about the G502's dial. It is possible to replace it with the wheel from the G800 or something like that, apparently better but that breaks the warranty etc. So I was wary. I no longer wanted to give my money to Razer & co who make expensive products whose lifespan is sometimes ridiculous. I bought it in March and play a lot (FPS, HackNslash, etc) and no complaints! the button to disengage the wheel is very anecdotal, I use it to go down a license agreement but that's about it. The Logitech software su
  2. Threatened by an increasingly innovative Huawei and by a fast-growing Apple, Samsung presented its very first “Ultra” smartphones last year. This new, more elite lineup, which brought two devices to life (the Galaxy S20 Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra ), is supposed to show the world the maximum of what Samsung can do. The technical sheet of the S20 Ultra had enough to coax any fan of new technology (5000 mAh battery, 108 Mpix sensor, x5 periscope zoom, 6.9 inch giant screen…) but unfortunately the reality was a little more disappointing. We had a lot of criticism about the Galaxy S20 Ultra lik
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