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Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Download Driver

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Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse - Was quite skeptical as a lot of people were complaining about the G502's dial. It is possible to replace it with the wheel from the G800 or something like that, apparently better but that breaks the warranty etc. So I was wary. I no longer wanted to give my money to Razer & co who make expensive products whose lifespan is sometimes ridiculous.

I bought it in March and play a lot (FPS, HackNslash, etc) and no complaints! the button to disengage the wheel is very anecdotal, I use it to go down a license agreement but that's about it. The Logitech software supplied with it is quite complete, it allows you to have a specific profile depending on the game, all the keys are thus reconfigurable. Note that the function of the software which recognizes the games only offers the most standard keys, it is sometimes necessary to be tricky by assigning them unused keyboard keys on the game (example: numpad). 

It is possible to choose the weight of the mouse but hey I left it by default by doing so without problem. Having had 2 Razer Diamondbacks, 3 razer imperators, and having the habit of lifting the mouse with a mix clawgrip / fingertip grip, it is for me a real pleasure to use this mouse.


Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Download Driver


Logitech G502 Overall view

The G502 RGB Proteus Spectrum replaces a MadCatz RAT5 which has experienced 3 years of intense use, the new one is therefore directly above without problem, although the handling of the MadCatz was ideal for my hand, playing in Palm grip mainly and sometimes finger grip trends, the Logitech fulfills the role without problem despite an increase in height compared to the MadCatz.

Before MadCatz I played with 2 different mice, a wireless Logitech MX, and a Razer DeathAdder, the Logitech being too heavy for the games, I put it in the office on another installation and this one still works, the Razer at held 4 years (while in others it was 6 months), and as for the MadCatz is destiny was that it double clicked see more whether it is the right or left button, ditto for the click wheel, but that the sensor had failures (first sign of end of life) it went in a perfect straight line horizontally, even with training I could not have done better, the Razer too but the sensor remained fixed.


Logitech G502 Ideal for the PS4

You can configure up to 3 profiles on Mac or PC, which are stored in the mouse and therefore usable on PS4 (whether for the functions, the number of DPI or the color of the lighting). You can define several DPI levels on each profile, which can be changed directly during the game and the many buttons are also taken into account by the console, which allows you to customize its controls to the extreme. The weight is also adjustable (± 20g) thanks to the small weights of 4g provided. In short, I wanted to test the keyboard / mouse setup on Fortnite and associated with a good keyboard this mouse is perfect.

The Logitech G502 mouse is one of the best mice for gamers, so I decided to give it a try and confirm this mouse is more than excellent, it comes with a user manual, the small file to download the software, it is well packaged and received on time. Its advantages: - The RGB lights are quite powerful and rather cool even if some would say that it makes kéké - Very practical software to download to personalize the mouse in full (sensitivity, utility, modification of clicks, color, sensor) - Braided file for avoid damaging the cable - Possibility of adding weights.


The weight saving is very appreciable

The mouse is very powerful, precise and autonomy of about 58-60h with full charge without lighting. Despite the price, it is worth it, excellent mouse! As a replacement for a Razer Tron mouse which suited me perfectly (but with the Razer finish. I broke because I was missing the pop-up roulette and side clicks on the roulette wheel on my old Logitech. What a joy to find that again! The mouse is really great. The fact of being able to add or remove weight makes it possible to make a mouse with the small onions.

I don't miss the laser sensor even if it is more interesting than the optics on difficult surfaces (ex: glass), having a gaming mouse pad, no interest in staying at the laser. The number of DPi of my old laser mouse was 5600, I go with this logitech to 12800! Interesting on a large UHD screen but not essential. The pleasure is to find all these buttons and shortcuts that logitech knows so well (be careful, however, the button increasing the number of DPI can be touched inadvertently at the beginning). The configuration of the 3 profiles is really simple, fast and ingenious. I will just blame him for the fact that there are not enough lighted parts (just the G) and the DPI part does not stay on. That said at this price who will complain? It does.


Logitech G502 Driver Download :
Logitech G502 Hero Software For Windows (64 Bit) 7 8 10

Logitech G502 Hero Software For Windows (32 Bit) 7 8 10

Logitech G502 Hero Firmware Upgrade Download :
Logitech G502 Hero For Windows 7 8 10

Logitech G HUB    Download :
Logitech G502 Heroe For Windows 7 8 10




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